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RTI (Real Time Information)

Are you aware of how RTI impacts on your business???

RTI (Real Time Information) is being implemented by the HMRC and means that all employers, even if you only have one employee, will have to upload the payroll information electronically to HMRC (Inland Revenue) every time they run the payroll.  This is a legal requirement for all employers from April 2013.

If you have not implemented RTI you need to take action now!

The information that you send to HMRC (Inland Revenue) via RTI (Real Time Information), will be used by HMRC to calculate pensions and other benefits that employees receive. It will also be used for the DWP’s (Department of Work and Pensions) administration of Universal Credit, when it comes into force in 2013.  Therefore all the information you send to them regarding your employees has to be totally accurate.

You will have to supply all of the following Information to HMRC for RTI:

Employee information:

Pay information:

Payment information:

Employer Information:

Basically everything that you use to produce the payroll has to be submitted to HMRC.  The good news is that your payroll provider, or your HMRC accredited software, will submit this information for you.  But you are responsible for ensuring that the information supplied is totally accurate, either when you give the payroll information to your payroll provider, or when imputing the data to your HMRC accredited software.

HR Book Keeping Services have the solution to ensure that transition to RTI is easy for your business.

If you need RTI implementation please contact me asap and I will put everything in place for you.

And obviously we need to have a new set of Three Letter Acronym’s for RTI!

Don't let the complex nature of RTI delay you from taking action. You could get fined or charged a penalty if you don't comply or submit inaccurate information. Let me help you to get it right first time and put the systems in place you need to keep getting it right.